Return to Painting

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I found a painting of mine when clearing my fathers attic after his death. A rolled up canvas only looked at briefly and kept along with substantial amounts of my fathers artwork that reflected his lifetime as an artist and teacher.
I also kept many treasured pots, bowls and objects that often featured in his work.
Now the pots have pride of place on my shelves and his paintings are on my walls.

I have worked mainly in costume making, textile design and printmaking. My father was the painter, a good one, and l wanted to pursue my own creative path.
Then l found my old painting again and what l saw this time was something deeply familiar on several levels.
For many years l’ve used pots and domestic objects as subjects for silkscreen prints on textiles and paper and l was overwhelmed by the relationship between the imagery I’m fascinated with now and a piece of work l’d done over 25 years ago.
A still Life, painted in my Foundation year at Art School, all the familiar objects from home. There was also a different relationship with my fathers painting that now means more to me. It made me want to paint again. To enrich my relationship with him through painting.He is still teaching me.